This Tango USA website is the “parent website” for the tango initiatives of Jim Baker, a Tucson businessman, milonguero, organizer of tango events and provider of tango-related services.

Well known in tango communities across the USA, Jim took over the organization of the Tucson Tango Festival in 2015 from its founder Rusty Cline, purchased a modular dance floor and built additional units to create lanes for tango, started a rental business for festivals, weddings and other events requiring beautiful smooth floors suitable for dancing, and since 2019 has organized the Phoenix Tango Marathon. This past year Jim went into partnership with Two To Tango in Houston Texas to help organize a Tango Marathon in that city.

Over the years Jim has established extensive connections with tango maestros and musicians, tango DJs, tango teachers, tango festival venue providers, vendors of tango products, and others involved in tango throughout the USA, in Buenos Aires, Argentina and in other places around the world. He has also developed a following of milongueros from all over the USA, who regularly support the events he organizes.

The current active “child websites” for scheduled Tango USA events and services are: